A change of vibe for this week’s Nu Age Album of the Week, Monsoon’s Third Eye. 3RD Eye was the first project of New Age chanteuse Shelia Chandra.  Somewhat of an illuminati underground pop affair,  ”Monsoon’s third single, Tomorrow Never Knows (a cover of the Beatles ), featured guest appearances from Bill Nelson (Be-Bop Deluxe), Preston Heyman (Kate Bush), Dave Balfe (The Teardrop Explodes) and Merrick (Adam and the Ants).”

Third Eye is an astounding album, creating a New Age World Pop vibe seldom paralleled in the history of Music
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What is Future Now?
Future now is being and doing today, what it is you wish to see tomorrow.
Future Now is taking the steps towards tomorrow, in every second you live.
FUTURE NOW is the promise of infinite possibilities, no excuses.

The future now is having a dream and living it every second of every day.
Living in your beautiful future, NOW!

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Vibe (noun) is the often unexamined “deeper” feeling or interpretation associated with a given phenomenon

To vibe (verb) is to experience a deep (if not uncanny) feeling of awareness due to particular circumstances

Vibey (adj) indicates a deeper level of interconnectedness and feeling ex: vibey food is of a higher vibration, meaning of superior freshness, not genetically modified, organic, local, and/or sprouted. Instilling the eater with a noticible food “high”

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BHAVA is the ancient sanskrit word which yogis used to describe vibe in ancient days.

There are 6 types of bhava.

1. Shantha Bhava (unruffled feeling): Praising the universe in all conditions & circumstances – joyous with the cosmic joke we have played on ourselves.

2. Sakhya Bhava (comrade feeling): Realizing your friends are all Awakened/Masters of Reality.

3. Dasya Bhava (servent- master attitude): making it holier by fulfilling your purpose, being your true self.

4. Vatsalya Bhava (Mother child feeling): Loving your Cosmic Mother everywhere, you are a Child of Love and also Loving your Cosmic Children Everywhere since you created this all.

5. Anuraga Bhava (Loved-beloved feeling): Divine Sex, Cosmic Love, Left Hand Tantra, Finding your Spiritual Partner.

6. Madhura Bhava (Oneness with GOD): When you see your SELF/GURU/GOD everywhere in all things all the time.

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One of the holy grails of early hypnagogia (from 1981 on Young’s own Yoga Records, no less), Matthew Young’s Recurring Dreams is a mesmerizing trip through Young’s subconscious. It’s dadaist, spectral style sometimes evokes the blissful play of a child’s daydream — at other times the uneasiness of an uncharted territory. From the bio: “Young is receiver and transmitter of strange ideas drifting in the ether, and renders them quite understandable to any open-minded listener.”

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“Healthy Hedonism” is an alchemical lifestyle choice and a method which unites the sensual and spiritual. This is making decisions that are on the whole good, positive, and life enhancing for the body and mind, while still pleasureable. By engaging in mindfulness, one may bring consciousness into indulgence.

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Spectrum Suite is Steven Halpern’s first album, a prolific artist, starting his music career as a jazz musician in New York City during the early 70′s. Halpern relocated to California in the mid-70′s and began composing what he called “anti-frantic” music, a genre promoting the physicall healing properties of sound. He is a leader in the New Age movement, producing albums geared towards relaxation and meditation. He has released dozens of “anti-frantic” albums and well as fusion, jazz and world records.

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