BHAVA is the ancient sanskrit word which yogis used to describe vibe in ancient days.

There are 6 types of bhava.

1. Shantha Bhava (unruffled feeling): Praising the universe in all conditions & circumstances – joyous with the cosmic joke we have played on ourselves.

2. Sakhya Bhava (comrade feeling): Realizing your friends are all Awakened/Masters of Reality.

3. Dasya Bhava (servent- master attitude): making it holier by fulfilling your purpose, being your true self.

4. Vatsalya Bhava (Mother child feeling): Loving your Cosmic Mother everywhere, you are a Child of Love and also Loving your Cosmic Children Everywhere since you created this all.

5. Anuraga Bhava (Loved-beloved feeling): Divine Sex, Cosmic Love, Left Hand Tantra, Finding your Spiritual Partner.

6. Madhura Bhava (Oneness with GOD): When you see your SELF/GURU/GOD everywhere in all things all the time.

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